Our pastas celebrate America’s rediscovery of the flavors of real wheat.

Just as a winemaker blends unique varieties of grapes to make beautiful wine, in making our pastas we blend heirloom and ancient varieties of organic wheat that have deeper character, more interesting flavors, higher nutritional value and are considered more digestible than conventional, modern wheat.

 The uniqueness of our pastas comes from the use of heirloom and ancient wheats and the process of fresh milling the flour in house.

Those two innovations allow us to create pastas with real wheat flavor, smooth texture (whole grain and semolina blend) and our milling technique results in super fine flour, avoiding the harsh texture of most whole grain pastas), much higher nutrition value and more digestible than modern wheat.

We also focus on the sustainability impacts of our business, not only by collaborating with family farms to grow the wheats, but the varieties we use help promote biodiversity in our fields and plates.

Action in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility is also found on our packaging choice (one of the very few pastas on the shelves without the plastic window). Our boxes are plastic free, made with FSC certified kraft paper and printed with natural inks. They are fully recyclable and compostable.